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    Real World Electronics Solutions Limited is a leading economic force in Kenya Endowed with the knowledge, vision, experience and skills derived from over many years experiences in Kenya industrial and commercial development. The company is active in a diverse range of businesses all in eminently critical sectors for the development of business across Kenya.

    The success attributed to the company as a whole is not by means of coincidence; rather it is the result of shared visions, sound business skills and expert management all drawn from years of conducting business and managing investments across Kenya.

    Laboratory equipment, consumables, high quality instruments and accessories our products spectrum covers almost all aspects of your market requirements. We supply world-class laboratory products and services, solutions of the highest quality in a professional effective and efficient manner.
    We have collaborated with manufacturers all over the world to ensure quality products. We cover a wide range of laboratory selections namely:

    • Mining equipment
    • Petroleum equipment
    • Metrology equipment
    • Medical equipment
    • Aquaculture equipment
    • Analytical equipment

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to not only deliver superior quality products but also be the preferred laboratory products and service providers within the COMESA region and the rest of Africa.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to grow into a market leader in supply of laboratory products and solutions in the Comesa region. To supply excellent products of the highest quality in a professional, effective and efficient manner. Maintain high ethical and moral standards in all our business dealings.

    Our Values


    We ensure that we supply products of the highest quality solutions.


    We uphold the highest ethical standards in our services.

    Client Centric

    Our approach to doing business focuses on creating a positive experience for the customer.


    We strive to supply the latest products in recognition of the constant technological changes within the industry.

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    4th Floor, Woodlands Business Park,
    Kiambere Road - Upperhill
    P.O Box 1056 - 00618
    Nairobi, Kenya

    +254 020 22 16 363
    +254 020 22 50 543
    +254 020 27 10 553
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