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    SCION LC 6000

    Created by: Manasse

    The Scion 6000 Series HPLC aims for confidence in results through outstanding life-time performance. A robust design maximises uptime and productivity levels whilst minimises cost of operation. The SCION 6000 Series offers an array of automation options for workflow optimisation, making our lab experience the best and easiest possible.


    • Superior gradient performance and excellent flow rate precision
      The Scion 6100 Quaternary pump has a new low-pressure mode called High Frequent Mode (HFM), which utilises a double switching function of proportioning valves. HFM with the high-speed real-time feedback control system greatly suppresses liquid pulsation for superior reproducibility of gradient and retention times.
    • Excellent injection volume precision and ultra-low carry-over
      The newly adopted high-precision syringe drive unit provides excellent injection volume precision. Dead volume in the SCION 6210 Autosampler flow path has been minimised. Together with a pumping method that washes the needle outer wall, this has resulted in a superior precision autosampler with extremely low carry-over. A thermostat option is available to maintain sample temperature between ambient -21°C and ambient +25°C, to prevent crystallisation of sample components in the vial, thus ensuring sample integrity.
    • Best Chromatography
      The SCION 6310/6320 Column Oven delivers accurate Peltier-based heating cooling profiles, delivering sharp peaks with excellent peak symmetry. The column oven accommodates three 300 mm ID-tagged analytical columns fitted with a guard-column. We are able to offer a full product line of LC columns with our 6000 Series HPLC, effective immediately. A wide selection of base materials, dimensions, functional groups and particle sizes is now available to fit most HPLC applications.
    • Excellent Detector Performance
      The 6000 Series HPLC line-up comes with a portfolio of detectors including UV and DAD, all designed for stability, precision and sensitivity.



    • Instrument robustness

      SCION 6000 Series HPLC is made for robustness and best return on investment (ROI). Covers are made of heat-resistant, chemical-tolerant, and UV irradiation-withstanding materials. The internal walls of the modules are made with corrosion resistant material to cope with humidity and vaporisation of solvents. The column oven incorporates a solvent leak sensor and a gas sensor to spot leaks. A door lock mechanism and auto power-off/function-on lamp replacement further add to robustness.

    • Compass CDS control

      The SCION 6000 Series HPLC offers complete support through CompassCDS, adding full instrument control & automation, a complete suite of integration, calibration and reporting tools, and allowing for full 21CFR11 compliance.

    • Low volume degassing options

      To avoid any salt precipitation from the mobile phase, the Scion 6000 Series HPLC includes an auto plunger washing mechanism that prevents damage to the pump seal or the plunger. The low-volume degassing unit reduces solvent purging time and reduces the amount of solvent used.

    • Extra large solvent cabinet

      The Scion 6510 Organiser is designed for multiple-liquid operation and can hold different bottle sizes to accommodate these typical applications.


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