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    contrAA 800

    Created by: Manasse

    The powerful high-end AAS system

    The contrAA 800 connects the best of two worlds, featuring the high cost-effectiveness and robustness of classical atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) alongside the flexibility and sample throughput of ICP techniques. Top precision, rapid processes, and high ease of use all combined for a new level of AAS efficiency.

    • Simple and robust routine analysis made possible by fast-sequential multielement analysis using flame techniques
    • Visualization of high-definition absorption spectra in both 2D and 3D for interference-free analysis
    • Cost-efficient trace analysis using graphite furnace AAS for recurring measurement tasks
    • Unique determination of phosphorus, sulfur, halogens as well as other molecular absorptions
    • Direct solids analysis using graphite furnace technology
    • Improved detection of arsenic, selenium, and mercury using hydride technology in flame and graphite furnace modes

    Complete flexibility to meet your highest demands

    Expand your analytical application range, improve precision, and achieve higher sample throughput at a lower cost per sample.

    • Fast multielement analysis, using a xenon lamp as a continuous source lamp for all elements
    • nterference-free analysis with a clear separation of analysis lines thanks to high-resolution optics and advanced correction algorithms dealing with complex spectral interferences
    • Flexible method development with 3D visualization of absorption spectra
    • High analytical performance with excellent light throughput and analytical sensitivity for the determination of metals, non-metals, and molecules
    • Expanded working range and powerful evaluation methods allow the adaptation of the dynamic range of the concentrations expected in: the sample, the measurement of ultra trace and major elements in the same sample, in one method
    • High matrix tolerance, with a robust sample introduction and spectrometer design, that is upgradable to fully automatic direct solid sampling


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