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    SPECTROMAXx LMX08 with iCAL 2.0

    Created by: Manasse

    SPECTROMAXx is likely the world’s best-selling arc/spark OES instrument — with more than 13,000 installed! The new SPECTROMAXx represents the eight generation of this industry-leading metal analyzer. With technologies adapted from SPECTRO’s top-of-the-line
    SPECTROLAB, SPECTROMAXx delivers even faster measurement times and significant consumables savings. So it provides greater productivity, analytical performance, ease of use,and cost-effectiveness than ever before.

    • Outstanding Speed
      The new SPECTROMAXx analyzer achieves record-setting speed. Optimized spark parameters allow a 12% reduction in measurement times. (Example: low-alloy
      steel takes 3 seconds less than with previous models.) So users get ultrafast information, and can react rapidly to changing process conditions. Results: outstanding savings in both time and energy costs.
    • Low gas consumption
      SPECTROMAXx starts saving by greatly reducing a significant operational expense, compared to many previous models. It minimizes the use of costly argon gas — without sacrificing analytical performance.
    • Reduced costs of ownership
      Improvements add up. Those shorter measurement times and features such as a proven argon-saver “sleep” mode both help cut gas consumption and deliver superior cost savings. Additionally, reduced maintenance needs create higher availability, while advanced diagnostics with critical status indicators make any maintenance easier — and prevent expensive unplanned downtime.
    • Ultra-dependable design
      A proven air circulation/ventilation system preserves instrument internals from contamination, and helps ensure reliable operation and accuracy.
    • Fast, simple standardization with iCAL 2.0
      With conventional analyzers, standardization can take 30+ minutes, demand multiple samples, and require reruns whenever site conditions change. By contrast, in most cases SPECTRO’s proprietary iCAL 2.0 calibration logic needs only 5 minutes and a single sample per day. Plus it automatically compensates for most changes in environmental temperature or pressure. So SPECTROMAXx delivers outstanding stability, productivity, and savings, time after time.
    • The standard for ease of use
      Even for less experienced personnel, SPECTRO’s SPARK ANALYZER Pro software takes effortless operation to a new level. Instead of multiple dialog boxes, a simplified operator view presents clear choices via dedicated toolbar buttons.And instead of complicated method development, application profiles are tailored to predetermined user requirements.
    • The benchmark of perfomance
      Accurate results rely on precise calibration. Applying more than 40 years’ experience, SPECTRO has finely tuned accuracy over successive SPECTROMAXx models, significantly improving analytical performance again and again. These improvements are documented via detailed application reports. SPECTRO also continues its investment in certified reference materials. Result: no analytical surprises.



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