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    Apogee Microflow cytometer

    Created by: Manasse

    The ApogeeFlow “Micro” cytometer offers exceptional sensitivity for microbiology (small particle) applications while maintaining good performance for conventional mammalian cell studies. Exceptional light scatter sensitivity and resolution is achieved by three light scatter detectors, each measuring different angle ranges.

    Resolution: 10nm (polystyrene beads – see data below) by light scatter

    Sensitivity: Light scatter sensitivity: 110nm polystyrene beads / 160nm silica beads.

    Fluorescence sensitivity down to 50 MESF FITC and 25 MESF PE. For any flow cytometer, the minimum measureable number of fluorescent molecules is dependent on the sample (e.g. presence of unbound dye), choice of laser, choice of photomultiplier detector, optical filter choice and instrument settings.

    Configurations: Up to 4 lasers (3 spatially separate foci)

    Up to 9 fluorescence colour detectors
    Up to 3 light scatter detectors
    Optional Autosampler for 96 well plates
    Volumetric sample system gives absolute counts for all regions of interest

    Speed: More than 100k events/sec may be acquired but it is recommended to keep the event rate below 20,000 per second for normal operation.
                Up to 45 samples per hour

    Typical Applications: Microbiology
                                      Extracellular vesicles > 200nm (consider Micro-PLUS model for smaller EVs)
                                      Nanoparticles (also consider Micro-PLUS model)
                                      Conventional analytical applications; not limited to small particles

    Size: W32 x H50 x D48cm
             (W50 x H50 x D48cm with AutoSampler)

    Weight: 20kg to 35kg depending on configuration

    Power consumption: Less than 250 Watts

    Installation: Requires two power sockets (110VAC or 230VAC) rated for at least 5A
                        10 to 30 degrees Centigrade operating environment
                        No external cooling requirements. Ventilation space at rear at least 10cm

    Sample Fluidics: Volumetric sample injection
    Adjustable sample aspiration volume, 50-400μl (+ option for up to 900ul)
    Software selectable sample flow rate from 0.7 to 150ul/min
    Sample concentrations up to 109 per ml

    Sheath Fluidics: Refillable sheath fluid tank for deionised water with biocide additive .

    Waste Fluidics:
    No special requirements.
    Bleach may be used in waste tank if desired
    Performance insensitive to waste tank height
    Electronics & Data Management
    Fast electronics with PCIe interface able to measure more than 100,000 events/sec
    Threshold software selectable on all channels with 'AND' or 'OR' logic
    Pulse height & area measurements on all channels
    Trigger width measurement
    Event time stamp for each particle
    22 bit data from a 26 bit data acquisition path
    Internal PC, Windows 10 Professional
    Optional external desktop or laptop PC (LAN connection)
    Optics: High numerical aperture immersion lens
    Up to 4 lasers: 375nm, 405nm, 488nm, 532nm, 561nm, 638nm (contact Apogee for
    more options). Up to three of the lasers may have spatially separate foci.
    High sensitivity photomultiplier detectors (choice of sensitivities available)
    Fluorescence filter blocks may be changed by user without realignment
    Custom optical filter blocks
    Fluorescence optics capable of detecting from 400 to 800nm
    Optional deep red detector (#3491) to extend the fluorescence range up to 900nm
    Large angle (LALS), medium angle (MALS) and small angle (SALS) light scatter
    photomultiplier detectors
    Software: Apogee Histogram application with Work List sample management
    FCS 3 file format
    Histogram resolution software selectable from 32 to 65535 with zoom featureDisplay modes: linear and logarithmic for each parameter
    Unlimited number of histograms and cytograms
    Amorphous regions of interest (ROIs)
    Gating using AND, OR and NOT logic
    RATIO parameter configurable for any 2 parameters
    Autocycle module to stop sample after fixed time or number of events in an ROI
    Gain and subtraction settings adjustable during and after acquisition
    Batch export of statistics and images from multiple files to Microsoft Excel
    Export of histogram data in CSV format
    Quick copy to clipboard feature for datagrams
    Overlaying histograms for easy data comparison
    Work List window for sample queuing and sample to sample data comparison
    Automatic fluidic shutdown option
    Automatic power off option
    GxP option (Cat #8057, GxP Module) for regulated environments

    Particle Sorting: Particle sorting upgrade option (‘Kairos’ sorter) using proprietary fluid based method
                               (LDEP technology, cat # 4679). Please ask for details.


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