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    Created by: Manasse

    Suited for evaluation of both conventional and unconventional petroleum resources, HAWK performs rapid and accurate Pyrolysis, TOC, and Carbonate Carbon analyses on cuttings, core, and outcrop samples. Pyrolysis on oils and other fluids samples can also be performed. HAWK is designed and built to function easily and accurately whether in the lab or at a well-site. Because of its transportable design, you now have the ability to obtain information to facilitate precise geosteering.

    • The cool sample introduction and ball bearing oven guide guarantee accurate and reproducible results without loss of any of the initial volatiles that are thermally
      released from your rock samples.
    • Intelligent diagnostics and modular design allows for rapid field replaceable components.
    • Included reporting software (HAWK-Eye) allows assessment and comparison of various resource systems with customized reports.

    Key Measurements

    • S1 (free oil)
    • S2 (kerogen yield)
    • S3 (organic carbon dioxide yield)
    • S4
    • Tmax (maturity)
    • TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
    • CC (Carbonate Carbon)
    • Absolute Tmax for kinetics calculations

    Key Features

    • Standard pyrolysis parameters
    • Multi-ramp/zones & multi-peaks
    • 126 sample capacity
    • No loss of light oil
    • Precise Temperature
    • Multi-point calibration
    • True temperatures for kinetics
    HAWK-Eye Software
    Analyze, process, evaluate and report data effortlessly

    Our specially designed HAWK-Eye software provides highly diagnostic insights into your geochemical and reservoir data and enables you to easily and quickly produce reports.

    • HAWK Petroleum Assessment Method (H-PAM) - can be used for example to estimate mobile oil in place and rate the producibility of unconventional prospects.
    • Efficiently setup and analyze data with advanced features such as our dynamic sequence building.
    • Visualize analysis in real-time while simultaneously evaluating and generating reports in multiple windows by multiple users.
    • Database driven application allows instantaneous data retrieval based on your criteria, all data always available anytime.
    • Fully customizable reporting capabilities to a wide array of formats such as HTML, PDF, CSV and Template support.


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